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If you’re considering shaping up at a Houston bootcamp, make sure you find one that fits your level of fitness, age group, goals or preferences. A bootcamp is a fitness group directed by a personal trainer. People of all levels of fitness go to a bootcamp. However, some camps are specifically for beginners—those out of shape, intermediate and advanced levels of fitness. Camps may be just for women or just for men. There’s a number of other twists to the fitness bootcamps, the key is that a personal trainer directs each one. Some camps even provide nutritional information.

The trainer first identifies your level of fitness.

Even if you’re in the advanced group, you may have some muscle groups that are weaker than they should be and there are a number of different levels even when people are fit. Each person also has his or own ultimate personal goal and sometimes special needs, such as a bad back, which would require the trainer to modify some of the exercises. The trainer then designs individualized programs. While everyone may be doing an exercise together, some will do modified forms, more repetitions or workout with more intensity.

People of all ages go to bootcamps.

You’ll see bootcamps that are just for seniors and some that are just for children. There’s a reason for having special bootcamps for these age groups. Seniors often are just starting a fitness program and will advance slower than other age groups. There are also specialized exercises for those with common health issues. A workout that is just for children makes it more fun for them and specific to a child’s needs.

There are specialized bootcamps.

Some bootcamps take place in a gym. Other camps may be outside in a public park or even in a pool. Aquatic bootcamps have become far more popular since the water provides resistance, but doesn’t cause pressure on the joints. Aquatic camps are also excellent calorie burners. Some bootcamps can be longer than the normal 45 minutes to an hour. They may include a hike and last a day or longer.

You’ll make plenty of friends at a bootcamp. People become close after working out with each other several times a week, several weeks in a row. People often end up encouraging each other and cheering when goals are reached.

Bootcamps, no matter what type, allows you to use the services of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost of private sessions.

Some people find they loved a bootcamp so much, they sign up for more.

Going to a bootcamp is a good way to start any fitness program, particularly weight loss.

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