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Personal Training

Specially designed and implemented one-on-one customized programs to meet your specific health and fitness goals. Private Training begins with an assessment of your health history, fitness level, physical abilities, lifestyle, and goals in order to design a personalized program so you can achieve maximum results. LEARN MORE


Aqua Training & Rehabilitation

At the Body Master Fitness Studio, even the swimming pool becomes an elite exercise experience. Whether your health plan requires fat burning. muscle toning, or even rehabilitation work, Aqua Training in our Body Master pool will accelerate your fitness success.The Body Master is the only private physical trainer in Houston that offers a swimming pool along with state of the art fitness training equipment. LEARN MORE


Senior Fitness Classes

As an older adult you will discover here at the Body Master everything you will need for you to attain and keep a healthy and vibrant body. Our programs will help you increase your overall strength, your balance, and increase your general functionality for daily living as well. Aging adults training with us here at the Body Master through their training will be more able to live a healthy and normal life even on into their later years. LEARN MORE


Stress Boxing

If you ever wanted a creative alternative, something completely different from the ordinary aerobic or cardio routine, then why not try Stress Boxing?At my studio, I’ll get in your corner and teach you the ropes, with the proper form and technique that will build your confidence, thus enabling you to blow off all your pent up steam. LEARN MORE


Nutritional Guidance

Don’t just listen to all the hype, to balance your Fitness efforts, you have to balance your workouts with a proper diet and nutrition plan. , At the Body Master I keep up with all the latest nutritional trends, and can provide you expert diet and nutritional guidance as to what does and doesn’t work.Just as I will create a custom personalized workout routine for you, I will recommend the appropriate vitamin, mineral, health and sports supplements as well as putting together a custom diet program that will enhance your progress and get you to your goals that much faster. LEARN MORE


Post Rehab Training

Have you been injured? Have you had some type of surgery? Has your insurance stopped paying for physical therapy, but you’re not recovered yet? Do you have a special need? I can design a program to pick up from where physical therapy left off, or help you with your special need. I am one of the few personal trainers in Houston who is certified as a rehabilitation exercise specialist (RES), which means I am qualified to help you achieve a maximum recovery to fitness following an injury or surgery. LEARN MORE


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