Success Stories

Testimonial Picture of Adam Halpern (1)
Testimonial Picture of Adam Halpern (2)
“Working with Ron has been amazing. I've lost over 60 lbs!”

Adam Halpern
“I've lost over 30 lbs. Ron has taught me how to eat better and how to work out to lose that last few pounds.”

Testimonial Picture of Allie Lewis (1)
Testimonial Picture of Allie Lewis (2)
“Hi I'm Allie Lewis and I am so excited because since coming to the Body Master I've lost over 40 pounds and 34.5 inches!”

Allie Lewis
“I've found a way to exercise all the muscles in my body so that I'm more healthy and fit overall.”

“Working out with Ron is like coming home. I love being here.”

“I've been in a better shape than I've been in a long time.”

“All the workouts are really targeted and appropriate.”


Our Amazing Clients
Testimonial Picture of Wayne (1)
Testimonial Picture of Wayne (2)
“I have lost over 35 Lbs and I feel great!”

Testimonial Picture of Dallas (2)
“I lost 15 lbs in my first month!”

Testimonial Picture of Marsha (2)
“I have lost over 30 lbs and best of all I have kept it off!”

“In one month with Ron I lost 10 pounds!”

In one month with Ron I lost 10 pounds!!!He is the best trainer out their I really recommend him. I didn’t know how to work out but thanks to him I learn the foundation . After I learn the foundation he push me to work out more.

Doris Martinez
“I'm close to 30 but feel like I'm 21 again!”

I only recently started taking steps to eat healthier and work out regularly, but I work long hours and and really didn’t seem to find the willpower to take my health seriously. Ron is amazing! He not only helped me come up with an appropriate fitness plan that can fit my schedule, he also assisted me in eating smarter and healthier. I’m close to 30 but feel like I’m 21 again! When I got my fitness analysis from him I was truly blown away. Thanks Ron!

Romeo Duran
“I've been training with Ron for over 16 years”

I’ve been training with Ron for over 16 years, In that time he has helped keep me fit, strong, and has rehabilitated some injuries. His workouts are fast, comprehensive and completely tailored to age, fitness level and gender. Ron has no ego- he will not try to impress you with his own workouts or insist you follow only one method of training. He is incredibly knowledgeable on all aspects of fitness, and is constantly adding new workouts to improve your body and mind. And he makes you laugh a lot through it all!

Victoria Barclay
“I've lost 22 pounds, seen my strength increase and decreased two jean sizes”

I’ve been training at The Body Master Fitness Studio for two months. In that time I’ve lost 22 pounds, seen my strength increase and decreased two jean sizes. To say that I absolutely love working out with Ron is an understatement. He has helped me gain strength and taught me about nutrition. His equipment is state of the art and he has every type of training equipment one could possibly want. There is even a pool for water workouts! As an added bonus it’s a private gym so it’s very clean, private and personal unlike the “big box gyms.” I recommend Ron to anyone looking for a thorough, warm and well-informed personal trainer.

Sharlene Rochen
“In four months time, I've gone from a weight of 173lbs with 17% body fat to a weight of 163lbs with 10% body fat”

There’s a lot of personal trainers out there but none that helped me UNDERSTAND what I’m actually doing and why. I’ve been working out with Ron for about 4 or so months now and I can say that he is not only skilled but also amazing at what he does.

When I came in, I was not fat and honestly had just a goal of increasing muscle, toning up and losing the little bit of love handles and stomach fat that I had. In four months time, I’ve gone from a weight of 173lbs with 17% body fat to a weight of 163lbs with 10% body fat. Not only that but I’m eating healthier, understand my body a whole lot more and am generally just very happy with myself. When I look in the mirror now I’m surprised to see all the muscles popping out of my shirt.

Needless to say, this is the guy to go to if you are looking for losing weight, toning up, or just general activity. He works hard to make sure your work out is tailored to you and then gives you the knowledge necessary to continue towards your goals. Love the guy and the private gym is really nice. Better than most any gym I’ve been to honestly haha.

Andron Hill
“He motivates me and never lets me quit”

I needed to lose weight and wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. Like so many others, I tried without success to achieve this on my own, then I heard of Ron with The Body Master Fitness Studio and decided to give him a try. Me doing this has been the best decision I ever made!!!!! I have to admit he had his work cut out for him though. Yes, admittedly, I was one of the lazy ones and exercise was not my friend. However, Ron quickly turned all that around. He motivates me and never lets me quit. Before long and much to my astonishment I was looking forward to my workouts!! I believe this is due to how Ron always makes my sessions a ton of fun and keeps it interesting for me!!!! Ron also helps me with diet and nutrition advice that works wonders for me. He takes the time to make sure that I have all the information I need in order to become a healthier me. His experience and knowledge with diet, nutrition and exercise is beyond helpful. He always seems to have all the answers to every question I have…and there are many!!

There is also another HUGE plus with having Ron as a Personal Trainer…you get to workout in a very well equipped private Personal Training Studio that is well maintained and has a very exclusive feel…I love that!! I have never been a fan of working out in a big crowded gym, Yuck!

Also the Body Master Studio offers an outdoor pool for workout sessions as well, how cool is that?!!! Yep, can you imagine a beautiful day in a nice private pool in a tropical setting, and then getting a awesome workout at the same time! It does not get much better than that!

I recommend The Body Master fitness Studio and Ron to anyone who wants to get in the best shape they possibly can. And I guarantee you will have so much fun getting there! Yes I would definitely have to say, Ron is an AMAZING Personal Trainer and is an even more amazing person!

Brenda Boettcher
“I recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer who really knows his stuff”

When I was looking for a personal trainer, I found Ron Russell at the Body Master Fitness Studio. I’m so glad I did! He took the time to learn about me, my needs, and what I wanted. He also designed a program around my goals to fit my specific needs I love the privacy of his studio and not having to deal with the hassle in a big gym. Ron is very patient and encouraging. My workouts are always fun and challenging because he keeps me right on target. Best of all, I don’t get bored because of the variety he offers in my workouts. Another great thing about Ron is his willingness to help away from his studio. He is available by phone or email to answer my questions. He is very knowledgable and always has helpful suggestions for my diet and nutritional requirements. Ron has a contagious sense of humor as well as a strong conviction to fitness, mine in particular. I recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer who really knows his stuff. Go Body Master!

Robin Covert

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