Post Rehab


Have you been injured? Have you had some type of surgery? Has your insurance stopped paying for physical therapy, but you’re not recovered yet? Do you have a special need?

I can design a program to pick up from where physical therapy left off, or help you with your special need.

I am one of the few personal trainers in Houston who is certified as a rehabilitation exercise specialist (RES), which means I am qualified to help you achieve a maximum recovery to fitness following an injury or surgery.

Not only will I develop a program to assist in the rehab and strengthening of an affected area, I will also design your program to incorporate your entire body. I believe in a holistic approach to getting your body Rehabilitated back to a fit level of condition.

Additionally, I have worked with individuals with the following conditions;
Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, CVA (stroke), Cardiac incident, rotator cuff tear, shoulder impingement syndrome, shoulder dislocation, epicondylitis (golfers or tennis elbow) carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains & breaks, femoral patellar syndrome, total knee replacement, ACL/PCL reconstruction, lumbar and cervical spinal stenosis, sciatica, and many other conditions.

My Post Rehab services are designed to strengthen the weakest link and to help you in pain reduction.

The following are some of the post rehab services I offer:

Back Care and posture Instruction to educate you with spinal issues and on proper bio mechanics and to improving your posture.

– utilizing hands-on mobilization (Manual Therapy) and other therapeutic techniques to increase and restoring your range of motion.

Teaching you and and increasing your Flexibility Using functional strengthening exercises on the effected area as well as the entire body.

Individualized Conditioning and training, from basic muscle stretching techniques to Aquatic Therapy and exercises in a pool allow for gentle early introduction of treatment for orthopedic injuries, rheumatoid arthritis and neuromuscular disorders and such I have a fully equipped Studio with an outdoor pool and all the tools necessary to help you in getting you back to your life.

Goals of the Program
  • Rehab the effected area
  • Holistic approach to Strengthen your entire body
  • Increase balance and mobility
  • Get you back to a general fitness level
Key Benefits
      • Increased mobility
      • Higher quality of life
      • Stronger muscles
      • Less pain
      • Greater flexibility
      • Increased balance
      • Increased range of motion
      • Getting back to life as it was
  • Private Training only, (Post Rehab is a personal endeavor and requires one to one instruction)

Transformation Analysis

The Body Master's exercise programs are designed to boost your metabolism, help you burn maximum fat calories, and get you in great shape in record time! You see, there is a difference between training to burn overall calories and burning FAT CALORIES, I will teach you about this when you come in for your free analysis.

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Small Group Training

You and 3 of your friends or family can come in to: strengthen muscle and become more fit, lose fat, become more flexible, have higher endurance, have done-for-you meal plans and grocery list, and learn lifestyle changes for a healthier life.

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