Banana: A Miracle Fruit

Banana Pic (2)Don’t we all go a little bananas sometimes? Well, here’s a few facts why it isn’t a bad thing to do so!

We all know that bananas are an important source of potassium. But did you also know that it’s an important source of B6, B12, Fiber, and lots of other essential minerals?

Not to mention, the amount of carbohydrates, protein and just raw energy that the banana possess. It rockets up to the number one food amongst athletes. Studies have shown that, on average, eating just two of the yellow fruit can provide enough sustainable energy for a heavy 90 minute workout!

But that isn’t where this miracle fruit stops. Oh no, when bananas get going they really get going. They have been proven to help with PMS as the B6 within it helps regulate glucose levels which affect mood swings. Trying to quit smoking? Well, you’re in luck! The B6 and B12 in the fruit help curb those nicotine withdrawal symptoms. So now you’re probably thinking, Ron, there’s no way this fruit has that many uses all stored inside that yellow shell. Well, you’d be wrong as this is merely the tip of the iceberg so to say.

Just recently, the USDA has approved banana companies to advertise their product as being able to efficiently reduce blood pressure and the risk of stroke! Studies have shown that the fruit’s high potassium levels have been proven to be sufficient in scale to lower blood pressure dramatically.

The effects don’t stop there either. Many studies from Harvard, the USDA, and various other sources have proven that bananas aid in: improving brain activity, relief of constipation and the symptoms of a hangover. It also helps in increasing iron in the body to help with anemia. It soothes heartburn, avoid morning sickness and even used topically can lower the swelling and inflammation from a mosquito bite!

This glorious golden panacea of the fruit world should not be underestimated. Sorry apples, but perhaps it’s time to change the old adage to “a banana a day keeps the doctor away”!

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