Fun Ways To Exercise

Many people dread working out because it’s just so boring you start counting every second, but there are fun ways to exercise that will make you look forward to each workout session. Once you realize the gym doesn’t mean you have to lift weights or drag yourself from machine to machine, you’ll want to go every day and find yourself reaching your goal in no time, whether it’s to lose weight, improve your health or just getting or staying fit.

For a change up consider how much fun working out in a salt water pool can be.

You don’t need to put excess pressure on already aching joints or face the effects of chlorine when in a salt water pool. Working out in a pool puts you through the paces without adding any undue pressure on joints. You’ll also have the extra effect of moving the water, which is more difficult than moving your arms and legs on a dry surface. That means you can workout and burn more calories, while also getting maximum benefit from the workout. It’s great for anyone rehabilitating from an injury that won’t allow you to stand.

Get in a group and have more fun.

Group workouts are high energy and are particularly fun. Everyone works at his or her own pace, but each person has a goal that’s tough. That makes everyone sympathetic and builds group cohesion. You’ll often find the group cheering each on to victory or applauding when someone reaches a particularly difficult goal. The more the merrier is true when you’re talking about a group session.

Eliminate pent up hostility and have fun doing it.

Everyone has that one person in their life that really bugs them, whether it’s a boss, child or even spouse. You may love them, but would like to bop them right in the mouth, even though you’d never say it out loud. Learning to box and actually punching the bag can help eliminate that frustration, particularly if you put a face on the bag mentally or imagine it’s your frustration—such as your job or even the utility company. You’ll feel fantastic and nobody got hurt. You can even shout at the bag as you hit. It’s tough and can take anything you can dish out.

Never worry about not being in shape. People normally sign up for sessions because they want to get in shape, not because they want to show off how fit they are. You’ll fit right in and get a program designed especially for your fitness level and needs.

Working out after a physical injury or illness might seem like a huge task, but even though progress may seem slow at first, after a few weeks you’ll be able to see how far you’ve come and that’s the real meaning of fun.

You don’t have to work out with others if you’re uncomfortable doing it. Ask for private sessions for a while until you feel you want to join a group.

The personal trainer will track your progress and adjust your workout based on it. If you don’t believe you’ve made progress, just ask him or her. The trainer will tell you where you started and you’ll be truly amazed.

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