Rehab Training

Rehab Training

After any major illness or injury, Post rehab training can get you back into action and healthier faster. Post Rehab training is not physical therapy, but the process of making the entire body as well as the injured or weaker areas stronger. It should be custom-designed to your injury and present level of fitness to be the safest and most effective. Whether you’re struggling to get from the chair to the kitchen table or barely able to lift your arm, we can help you recover and feel whole again.

There’s so much more that you’re capable of doing than even what doctor’s may expect.

Too often doctors give the worse possible prognosis, rather than risk giving patients false hope. You don’t have to accept that prognosis as gospel and can take charge of your own future. There are amazing results when a patient continues to work on their own to rebuild their own body. Knowing exactly how to do it is my area of expertise and I can help you achieve more in a shorter amount of time without worry of further injuring yourself.

You need a combination of various types of exercises.

We also can use aqua training as part of our rehab fitness program. Aqua training uses water resistance to strengthen the muscles, while also limiting the pressure you’ll put on your ligaments, joints and tendons. Unlike land training, your body is buoyant and even those with difficulty standing can participate. It also increases your range of motion by reducing the effect gravity has on your body. Water also has almost 700 times more resistance than air so it can help strengthen muscles faster.

Aqua training can help reduce or eliminate pain.

Since one is only contracting muscles versus the act of moving weight through space for training it has less impact and helps increase strength, balance, and flexibility. Additionally, when you are in water you experience more comfort while training thus you can work for a longer period sending more blood to the injured areas. Also, our salt water pool doesn’t affect your skin like chlorinated ones do, either. It can help relax the muscles and reduce rigidity.

Studies show exercising both inside and outdoors vary the workout and help to balance it. Our salt water pool is outside, giving you a relaxing outdoor workout area with plenty of vitamin D from the sun’s rays. There’s also a shaded area so you’ll avoid overexposure to the sun.

You’ll improve your balance with aqua training. You’ll be willing and able to try more types of exercises without worrying about injury from falling.

You don’t have to swim to participate in aqua exercises.

You can lose weight faster working out in water. The resistance of the water can burn a lot of calories than you might not be able to burn if you did the same exercises at a reduced pace do to your current condition on dry land.

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