Workout Wednesday: Learning The Right Way To Take A ‘HIIT’

No, that isn’t misspelled. HIIT is a training regime that has become very popular as a way to burn more fat. Before gaining this title, it used to not have a name but would often be described as “muscle confusion” where you would interrupt the flow of movement with a brand new, higher intensity one.

Workout Wednesday: Learning The Right Way To Take A 'HIIT'

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and flows in a way you’d expect. Depending on the exercise, you can do it in just about any way but the best example is using body weight or weighted exercises.

So let’s look at a sample HIIT workout plan and see exactly why it works so well!

If we wanted to focus on our lower body, instead of doing a 100 squats you can actually use this to add definition and increase your cardio gain.

Lower Body Workout circuit: 

-Sprint for 30 seconds

-Perform Squat Jumps for 45 seconds

-Perform lunges 20 for each leg

-Perform Calf raises -40 reps

Do this four times with a minute rest after the calf raise portion. 

While this may be a little intense of a workout, added up, should take less than 15 minutes to complete and give a cardio and leg workout almost equal to 2 hours at the gym. But why is this so effective then?

In a few studies, this regime has been shown to burn adipose tissue far quicker than low intensity exercise. Almost 50% as much. It also speeds up your metabolism to help burn more calories. While this is true for just about any exercise if done correctly, the short period of time needed to achieve this is where the real draw comes in.

The main target of a workout like this would be people who are already in shape and desperately need to add cardio into their workouts. This won’t help you build mass because you’re not pushing your body to really use heavier weights than you’re used to, but it will help slim or cut down on what you have since it’s more activity in a shorter period of time than you’re used to.

Another great way to use HIIT for anyone looking to burn weight, is to begin your diet and alternate days between a high intensity workout and light jogging. Every other night when you get home or even in the mornings before you leave for work, find a workout you can do comfortably and quickly and knock it out. You’ll sweat and gasp for air but the regularity of the extra pressure will prove extremely beneficial in the long run.

High intensity interval training is not for everyone but for those looking for yet another great way to stay in shape, this routine (and the others you can find online) will be your new best friend. Better yet, why not speak with a personal trainer about it and see exactly how you can get this routine implemented into your workout!

Until next time, think healthy, stay healthy!

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