Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness

There’s all types of information about becoming fit if you’re young and relatively healthy, but very little said about senior fitness, which can be the most important type of fitness. It’s NEVER to late to start getting into shape and change your body from flabby to fantastic. Whether you want to have a healthier you, want to look better or just want to quit feeling old and feeble, you’ll benefit from working with a personal trainer that specializes in senior fitness.

Improve your overall health with a program of regular exercise.

Regular exercise improves circulation and lengthens the telomeres, the tail that protects chromosomes from unraveling and damage. The more you exercise the longer it is. Regular exercise also stimulates the brain to create antioxidants, which help fight free radicals that can attack cells, mutating them or killing them. The more cells that die or are damaged, the more you’re prone to illness and aging. While you’ll never change your body or appearance back to that of a 20 year old, you’ll shave years off your appearance and improve your overall health.

Keep serious conditions at bay or improve those you already have.

High blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, dementia, depression and even cancer are conditions that are more preventable when you exercise regularly. In fact, in several diseases, exercise can make the disease more manageable or even reverse some of the effects. Osteoporosis, for instance, responds well to a program of regular strength building and weight-bearing exercise, improving bone density. Exercise also burns off the hormones created by stress that can reduce bone density.

You’ll get all types of exercise from a senior workout program designed for your needs.

Not everyone requires the same type of training but everyone needs some training in every area of fitness. Whether you need to improve your range of motion with flexibility exercises, improve strength, get a good cardiovascular workout that will give you more endurance or improve your balance, you’ll have exercises in all these areas, focusing more on the ones that are best for your needs. Some people are still extremely flexible, but have limited muscle strength. Carrying heavy loads can be difficult if not impossible. Others may have strength but no endurance or risk falls from lack of good balance. We’ll make sure you have a training program that improves all areas.

Your skin will look years younger after working out regularly. Exercise boosts the body’s circulation to send nourishing oxygen and nutrients to all areas.

Your mood will improve dramatically. Exercising not only burns off the hormones created by stress but stimulates the brain to replace them with ones that lift your spirits.

You’ll have more energy and smile a lot more. Aches and pains can disappear the fitter you become. You’ll change from an old grump to someone everyone wants as a friend or companion.

You’ll boost your libido with a program of regular exercise. That’s one reason older couples should workout together and renew the spark of romance.

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