Are You Taking Part In Dry January?

It’s not often I’m surprised by some of the news the media focuses on but “Dry January” may be one of the most surprising yet. Dry January, if you don’t know, is an annual tradition some citizens of the world partake in to “detox” from the heavy drinking often accompanying the holidays. While for them it may serve a holistic purpose, for us fitness junkies, it serves a whole different meaning.

Are You Taking Part In Dry January?

If you’ve followed the newsletter or this blog, you’ll know that Alcohol does the opposite of what we are trying to accomplish as it takes far longer to metabolize than anything else you intake on a regular basis. Because of this, it’s usually a good idea to avoid it completely or deal with a longer workout each and every session. For those that do partake though, Dry January may not be the worst idea.

While completely abstaining for a month may do wonders, abstaining AND doing high intensity workouts is a better idea and will probably keep your mind from getting back into the drinks too quickly. The media encourages you to drink Mocktails that are typically filled with high levels of sugar and carbs to curb that appetite but really, you’re stronger than that and those will end up hurting you in the end. Instead, why not increase your water intake and try some old fashioned green tea?

Green tea is a metabolism booster and combined with high intensity fat burning exercise will burn those calories you’ve accumulated from the booze, cut the extra water, and may even get you feeling so great, you’ll try a Dry February or even March! Dry January is certainly a novel idea but moderation is the true key to a fit body in 2017. Fitness comes from not only mental acuity and physical strength, but also strong willpower.

Who here is planning to join in on this month of ditching alcohol? Leave a comment below to let us know but until then, think healthy, be healthy.

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