Tecentriq Could Make A Big Difference

While here at the Body Master Fitness Studio, we do focus in on what you can do personally to get a new fit you, it’s also important to know what is going on in the field of health and medical research so you’re aware of the advances available to you. Tecentriq is a brand new cancer inhibitor from Sweden that is currently making quite a bit of buzz as it may be able to not only stop its activity, but may prove to be the cure for bladder cancer.

Tecentriq's Results Could Make A Big Difference

Bladder cancer, is often quite survivable if diagnosed at its early stages with a rather high 96% of patients living full lives for at least five or more years after being diagnosed. However, when diagnosed at a critical stage (stages III – IV), the survival rate drops almost 60% to a very low 39%. The primary areas affected by this type of disease (known as urothelial carcinoma) is of course the bladder itself, the renal pelvis, ureter and urethra. While still not the most common form, the American Cancer Society have estimated over 79 thousand Americans will be diagnosed with bladder society before the end of this year.

As the smart fitness guys and gals we are, we know those estimates are often exaggerated to get motion from the community. What is exciting and interesting however is what Tecentriq does to actually combat this type of cancer. Some snippets taken from their Businesswire report and some case studies relay:

“Roche’s Tecentriq works by mimicking the mechanism of antibodies. It is designed to bind with cancer proteins expressed on tumor cells and tumor-infiltrating immune cells. It further blocks cancer interactions, and according to its developers, Tecentriq may also enable the activation of T cells which attacks cancerous cells. Tecentriq was approved last year for another group of patients with locally advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma as well as non-small cell lung cancer, and the most-common form of lung cancer.”

Pretty neat and, without giving some people too much hope, it sounds like the FDA is very much interested to see what this wonderdrug can do. They are currently speeding up its approval so that it can be available as a possible treatment this year. As we get closer to a cure for cancer as a whole, it’s great to know that we are making leaps and bounds towards that step. However, until a panacea is made to combat those illnesses without our help, our job is to make sure to work out regularly, drink water regularly, and eat right.

Those three steps help prevent illness like no other and it’s something that can take just 30 minutes a day to stave off years of pain down the road. That’s it for health news for today and remember: think healthy, be healthy.

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