What’s the deal about Greek yogurt?

Hey Gang, thought I stop in with a post about the benefits of Greek yogurt. It is one of my fav’s especially in the morning with my breakfast and as an additive to my Protein shakes.

I’d have to say there’s always room in your diet for another super food. Greek yogurt may just be the next one to try. Whether you are looking to support your healthy lifestyle or lose a little

weight, this nutrient-dense food can provide a variety of health benefits. Eat it plain, with fruit,as a base for dips and dressings, or as a substitute for sour cream and butter in baked goods and other recipes. Go ahead and read on to find out all about the health benefits you can get from Greek yogurt, which by the way I find to be creamier than regular yogurt, as well as its ability to add to your arsenal for short-Term and Long-Term Weight Control. Nice, right?

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you want to know what you can eat to lose weight without starving yourself or drinking processed diet shakes instead of real food. Well, Greek

yogurt can help you out. It is low in carbs, with just 9 grams per cup, so it’s not likely to pack onthe pounds. The thick texture is satisfying, making you feel as though you are eating a treat and not depriving yourself.

Plus, Greek yogurt gives you the protein punch that’s good for losing weight because it reduces your hunger. Each cup has 22 grams of protein, or about twice as much as regular yogurt. The protein in yogurt also lowers its glycemic index so your blood sugar levels don’t swing wildly and make you feel famished. In addition, the extra protein can help you maintain your lean muscle mass so you burn more calories at rest.

Improved Heart Health

Greek yogurt can help protect against the number one killer in the U.S.: heart disease. Choosing a high-protein diet and limiting foods such as pasta, baked goods, and potatoes can improve your heart health. For example, a high-protein diet can lower your triglyceride levels and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels. On top of that, a high-protein diet may also lower diabetes risk.

More Favorable Balance of Gut Bacteria

Trillions of bacteria live in your gut, and many of them are good for you. These are just some of their possible benefits.

• Reduced bloating and gas.

• Lower risk for obesity.

• Decreased risk of diabetes.

• Improved bowel regularity.

Where does Greek yogurt come in? It’s a source of probiotics, or the healthy bacteria that live in your gut. Edmond Huang, a biologist at University of California, Berkeley, says, “Get the right type [of bacteria] in your gut and, depending on your condition, you may begin to see improvements in a matter of days or weeks.”

Greek yogurt’s benefits do not stop there. It is a great source of calcium, which you need for strong bones. Plus, it provides B vitamins and may be fortified with vitamin D. Choose it often to get all of this superfood’s benefits!

Here’s how I like to use GreekYogurt. The first way I use it is in the morning with some cinnamon sprinkled in along with a bit of fruit. Another way I use it is to put a dollop of yogurt and a spoon of almond butter into my night time Protein shakes to slow the absorption as well as to give it a really nice thick creamy consistency, Yum!

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